Meteorite Ring

titanium dome profile ring with meteorite inlay
The meteorite ring shown is a titanium ring with an inlay of genuine Gibeon Meteorite that fell to Earth in prehistory.  The meteorite was discovered in Namibia in South Africa in 1838.  It has a unique crystalline grain structure called Widmanstatten lines that were caused by the meteorite slowly cooling over millions of years as it hurtled through space.  It is estimated to be over 4 billion years old!  The government of Namibia has stopped export of the meteorite, so it will become more rare as the years go by.  It's a great mix of ancient and contemporary.  We are a leader in the manufacture of meteorite rings. This is truly a work of art and history available for your finger.

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Customer Reviews

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Eduardo Tobias
Beautiful rings but not sure how long it will last without scratches.

Ended up getting the industrial titanium because I like my rings to last. Less than 1 week after wearing mine, the finish is already showing fine scratches and buffing. The rings are beautiful but now im taking it off anytime I do anything with my hands to prevent further scratching.

Rosemary Burton
Replacement wedding ring

Ring fits beautifully. The ring is attractive, better than the picture

Meteorite Rings

Master craftsmanship! Beautiful, quality, highly recommended!!!

Candace Carlton

My husband to be loves the finish style and look.

Boone Rings Etsy Store Review

So helpful, patient and accommodating with our resizing needs

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