Iris Pendant / Dog Tag

titanium iris pendant/dog tag
titanium iris pendant/dog tag with engraved letter on the inside

This pendant has a mechanical camera type iris.  We have different options on what's behind the blast doors:  One option is to get nothing at all.  The movement is cool enough that nothing else is necessary.  Another EXTREME custom option is to laser engrave in a portrait made from YOUR picture of your significant other. Another option: It could include a letter or monogram from your family or loved one.  We could do a CUSTOM FINGERPRINT that you provide.  We also have the option to do meteorite from space that is older than the Earth itself.

We make the pendant in stainless steel for extra heft.  It is something you'll be proud to wear and will remind you of home.

 We also have the option to laser engrave the backside with a name or short inscription.

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