SuperConductor Series

SuperConductor is a very special combination of metals that are used in extremely high strength magnets used in MRI machines, fusion reactors, and super colliding atom smashers.  The material is made up of wires of a titanium/ niobium alloy that is surrounded by a matrix of pure copper.  SuperConductor gets its name from the fact that the wires conduct electricity with no measurable resistance when super cooled with liquid nitrogen or helium.  A cable of it, if properly cooled, could send electricity all the way across the country with no loss of power!  It would be expensive though!  The pattern of titanium wires in the copper give it a unique look, so is a great material for a unique ring.  The titanium/ niobium wires are very inert.  The copper can act like a penny and can darken over time or be chemically darkened, or could be waxed to keep it new looking.

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