Tips to getting a good fingerprint

Titanium Fingerprint ring 

The key to getting a great lasered fingerprint is to supply a good print to work from.  Ideally, it is high contrast black and white stripes like a zebra without any gray smears.  Use a paper that doesn't absorb much, like photographic paper or the discarded part of a peel off label from the post office or FedEx.  They have a waxy side and a paper side.  Use the paper side.  Fully wet the finger with ink from an inkpad and lightly press it onto the paper.  You don't need to roll it side to side or use lots of pressure.  The bottom print above used too much pressure, and all the lines ran together.  The middle print is OK, but the contrast isn't great.  The top print shows good contrast and good lines.  You can practice on a few and try to maximize contrast and minimize smearing.  Once you get a good print, you would take a high resolution picture of it.  You'll need to have the camera looking square to the paper and it's very important to get a good focus with no movement.  A shorter exposure time like 1/30th or 1/60th second in a well lit area can help with that.  Once you have a well focused and crisp picture, you would email it to me at