Anodized SuperConductor Dome Ring in 6mm Width Etched

Anodized SuperConductor Dome Ring in 6mm Width Etched
This is the same ring as the SuperConductor in a 6mm width ring, but the copper has been eaten away from the surface with acid and the titanium/niobium alloy filaments are heat anodized to a blue/ purple color.  Note that color can and will be different ring to ring depending on viewing angle and heat used.  We can get more towards the blue or purple if you like.  The filaments are standing higher on the surface which means the ring will have texture.  The width of 6mm might be considered thin to medium.  The etch finish has more 3D texture than a polished finish, so will feel more bumpy on the skin. The filaments are polished out so are relatively smooth.   Due to the bumpy surface, an etched ring really can't be engraved inside.

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