QR Code

QR Code

A QR Code, also called a Quick Response Code is an easy way to store text or links to Internet addresses.  This means that such a ring, when scanned with a smart phone will instantly pull up a website, a self made movie of your proposal, a sound recording, or any other manner of things that you link to.  Imagine the possibilities!  It takes installing a free QR Code reading app to your smart phone or device.  The ring shown is size 7.75 and 8mm wide in a Brushed finish, which is what finish works best.

The code can be scanned with a smart phone or similar device.  The trick is to keep reflections of objects out of the target area.  You want a brightly lit and high contrasting code area without lines or bright spots reflecting in the surface.  The ring shown has an ideal surface.  Note that if the dark floor reflection line was to be in the code area, the camera will have a harder time resolving the image.  It works well to scan in your shadow when you're outside on a bright day.  We found that a minimum size of 6mm works for most cameras and is only easier for them when the size is  larger. Maximum number of characters for the easiest to read resolution is 46 characters including the http://www.  We can go to the next resolution, which packs designs in tighter with a maximum of 200 characters, but that needs to be on a wider ring for cameras to resolve it.  You can either type the exact link you want in the Comments section or you can send your premade code to me by email.  The final artwork will be converted to SVG to talk to the laser, so that output works best.

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