Meteorite Solitaire

meteorite rock on a dome profile ring
They say that diamonds are forever.  Consider this; the "rock" on the ring here is older than the Earth itself.  It was formed in the core of an asteroid as the solar system was just starting.  It took a collision with another large body millions of miles distant to set it on a collision course with Earth.  The rock is actually solid iron with trace elements of nickel, chromium, and others that make it similar to the super alloys of today. It is  genuine Gibeon Meteorite that is over 4 billion years old and fell from outer space and landed in Namibia, Africa sometime in prehistory.  It has a unique crystalline structure due to it cooling over millions of years in space.  Metals native to Earth don't have this unique structure.  It is laser welded to the ring.  The ring shown is 3mm wide.  Every meteorite is unique and has a certificate of authenticity.

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