Twin Gold Meteorite

titanium ring with center inlay of meteorite and gold inlay on each side of meteorite
This ring has a centered wide inlay of meteorite centered between two 1mm inlays of 18 karat yellow gold.  There are lands of titanium separating the metals to add a unique contrast to the surface.  The meteorite used is the Gibeon Meteorite, and is estimated to be over 4 billion years old!  The meteorite traveled millions of miles through space before landing in South Africa sometime in prehistory.  It has a unique crystalline grain structure called Widmanstatten lines that were caused by the meteorite slowly cooling over millions of years as it hurtled through space.  The ring shown is 8mm wide and the titanium is the polished finish.

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Customer Reviews

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Seamless quality- Speedy turn around

I found Boone rings from searching Etsy while shopping for my wedding band.

Incredible quality of the rings are exactly what is shown in the photos.

I’m most impressed by the seamless bands of 18k gold + Gibeon meteorite that’s inlayed.

I chose the cobalt chrome (very hard stuff!) and opted for Old English lettering for the engraving.
If I had to guess - the most complicated lettering choice.
The engraving is straight, precise, and detailed, equal spacing etc.

Very fast turn around (under a week in my case) and customer service is fantastic.

Also included is a certificate of authenticity for the meteorite inlay.
which is nice.
I got to actually hold their specimen of the Gibeon meteorite in my arms that’s used for the rings at their head quarters. That blew me away.

Highly recommended I would use Boone rings again no question.

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